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S’pore Blog Suggests Minimum Angbao Rates Based On Inflation, Sparks Discussion Online

Recommended Guide For Angbao Rates Creates Controversy Among Netizens

Every Chinese New Year (CNY), the most eagerly anticipated tradition is the exchange of angbaos.

Inflation in recent times, however, might make deciding the amount to give difficult for some of us.

Taking this into account, a blog in Singapore came up with a guide on the minimum amount to give for this CNY.

However, the rates have created controversy among netizens, who believe the rates are still too steep. Regardless, Seedly disclaimed that the amount to give is also dependent on your financial situation.

Blog recommends minimum angbao rates

For this year’s CNY, local blog Seedly posted a breakdown of the minimum amount angbaos should contain.


They acknowledged that with inflation, it may be difficult to stick to the usual rates for angbaos this year.

After factoring in the Consumer Price Index or overall inflation in Singapore, Seedly determined that the minimum angbao rate should be at $2.92 for 2023.

With some research, they came up with a breakdown of the recommended rates for each recipient category.

The following table is what Seedly eventually recommended for married couples this CNY:

Refrain from giving amounts ending in odd numbers

Seedly also had a few additional recommendations for the gifting of angbaos.

For instance, avoid giving them coins, or amounts ending in the number four or odd numbers.

This is due to odd numbers being inauspicious according to Chinese tradition, and the number 4 sounding like “die” in Chinese.


Instead, they suggested giving angbaos with amounts ending in eight, as the number symbolises wealth and success in Chinese.

Ultimately, the amount given depends on one’s financial situation, Seedly noted. “You should always give within your means,” they said.

Rates spark controversy

While well-intentioned, Seedly’s angbao rates sparked quite a bit of debate among netizens.

Under a post by Shin Min Daily News on Facebook, a few users remarked that the rates were still far too steep.


Other netizens argued that there shouldn’t be guidelines to follow for giving angbaos in the first place.




As Seedly pointed out, the amount gifted should be within one’s financial capabilities, not according to a determined set of rubrics.


There were those who also stated that the act of giving angbaos is already a blessing in itself.



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