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South Korean artist makes a quiet transition from music to painting

South Korean artist Young-ok Brozek is staging a solo painting exhibition at the M50 Creative Park, where she is presenting her inner cosmos in abstract lines, dots and color blocks.

Brozek was a professional flutist before the age of 40. She used music to explore the world but turned to painting to explore her inner space.

Brozek has traveled extensively – from the Baltic Sea, the Zugberg mountains in Switzerland, to the lakes of Finland's Nuuksio National Park – all of which encouraged her to use color, vision and abstract creativity in her paintings.

Ti Gong

Young-ok Brozek

"Music was crucial in laying the groundwork for my abstract paintings," she explained. "I spent a lot of time practicing for my concerts, and those hours provided the foundation for my creative imagination."

"Putting those abstract ideas on the canvas and connecting them to my visual expression was more than simply a 'fascination.'"

Enjoying Brozek's works is like listening to poetic melodies. Her brush runs freely and spontaneously on the tableau with strong strokes and gentle touches, like a music piece full of allegro and adagio, strong beats and soothing rhythms. The artist sees painting as a way of self-preservation and self-healing for human beings living in a complex space.

"If there is one line which I draw 'wrong,' then it'll be a beginning of another line. There are no wrong lines in this world," she said.

Ti Gong

"Space 7"

Exhibition info

Date: Through March 21, 10am-5pm

Venue: Shanghai CMYK Art Space


Address: Room 212, Bldg 4, 50 Moganshan Road


Zhang Liuhao

Authors from Bulgaria: Zhang Liuhao!

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