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20 Lovely Wedding Guest Hairstyles

While the bride and her attendants obviously put a lot of thought into how they are going to look on the big day, wedding guests have a special responsibility to show up looking beautiful, too. Especially if the ceremony and reception are semi-formal or held in the evening, you will want a lovely yet unique look to stun in the crowd of well-wishers. In this article we are going to show you 20 wedding guest hairstyles, which really deserve your attention.Wedding Guest HairstylesA hairstyle that’s fancy, but not pretentious, and rather effortless than laborious is probably something any female wedding guest would want. The following updos, downdos and half up styles for shorter, medium and long hair are just the ticket.#1: Curly Twisted Updo

SourceIf you can’t decide on a look, this is one out of many wedding guest hairstyles that sort of incorporates it all. A braid, side twist, pinned curls and tendrils – what more could you possibly want out of a hairstyle? This will work best on longer hair.#2: Curved TwistSometimes simply pulling the hair straight back is too severe – instead, try a side twist that wraps around the head and rests at the nape of the neck. This works well on medium to thick hair that is at least shoulder length. You will need plenty of hair pins for this one!

Source#3: Classic GlamourA sleek chignon is a timeless hairstyle that always wins in wedding season. Perhaps it’s the simplicity, or maybe its vintage vibe, but long-haired beauties will pull off this simple style beautifully.

Source#4: Braided Crown BunIf you have hair that is at least medium length and yet also quite stubborn when it comes to styling, try this look when considering hairstyles for wedding guests. Crowing the head with a thick braid, all of the hair is then gathered into a messy low bun. This style doesn’t have to be perfect, which makes it even more inviting to girls with stubborn locks.

Source#5: Bright and BeautifulThis day glow hair will be the talk of the wedding guest hairstyles that are seen on the big day. The style itself is a simple updo, but the vibrant red hue is what makes it so memorable.

Source#6: French Braid CrownRemember the French braids you rocked in childhood? Take inspiration from the past by creating this loosely French braided crown that ends with a knotted gathering in the back.

Instagram/ @chitabeseau#7: A Little Bit CountryIf you’re attending a casual wedding, especially one outdoors, it can be a great time to try out this low bun with curled side tendrils. Simple, romantic and reminiscent of a warm country night, you will love this look and how simple it is to pull off.

Source#8: Faux Hawk GlamThis edgy and gorgeous hairstyle combines small side braids with a faux hawk top that is fun to wear and still formal enough for a fancy occasion. When it comes to hairstyles for wedding guests, there really aren’t hard and fast rules to follow, anyhow.

Instagram/ @ramsaymarstonhair#9: Twisted Braid HoldThinner tresses or those that are “growing out” can really rock this hairstyle with a braid wrapped around a curly ponytail. Simple, but cute and fun!

Source#10: Wavy TendrilsRinglets are timeless, and when it comes to hairstyles for wedding guest glamour, it doesn’t get much simpler and lovelier than this. Just tease the under layer of the crown section and pull back a few side locks into a twist around the bouffant. Secure with bobby pins and then curl the remaining locks with a medium barrel iron.

Source#11: Edgy and FreeNot all brides are gushy and girly, and, certainly, their guests aren’t always either. If you tend to fall more on the edgy side of fashion, try this hairstyle on for size when an occasion calls for some fancy rebellion.

Source#12: Thickly Curled UpdoThick-haired girls rejoice! There’s a hairstyle for you that is both fancy and easy to achieve. Gathering chunky curls into a high updo, the front of the hair is slicked down to be super straight. If you don’t have long or thick hair, you can also get a hairpiece to achieve this look.

Source#13: Romantic UpdoWhen it comes to wedding guest hairstyles, this one is classically romantic. While it seems very fancy and intricate, it’s actually quite simple and still casual enough to wear to the after party.

Source#14: Mermaid BraidThis thick inverted braid is lovely for a special occasion – it’s also boosted big time with the fun hair color. Try a mahogany or magenta hue when you’re ready to try something different.

Source#15: Fancy Hair EmbellishmentsCreative hair embellishments are not reserved exclusively for brides. Pearls, flowers and rhinestones are all acceptable for wedding guest hair, and they will make you feel more confident and lovely, too.

Source#16: Pin Curled StyleTaking a cue from 1940s pin curled styles, this wedding guest loose updo is perfect for girls who have long hair, but not long enough for stunning romantic tresses. You will want to use a strong hold spray on this style to ensure it holds all day. Hairstyles for wedding guest gals don’t have to be modern all the time – this is a perfect example of an alternative.

Source#17: Creatively Placed CurlsIsn’t it great to know that you can get creative with hair of any length? This medium texture, shoulder length hair benefits from strategically placed curls for a fun and playful look appropriate for a wedding.

Source#18: Bubble BraidA style that has been around for a while but hasn’t been used very often in terms of wedding guest hairstyles is the bubble ponytail. Involving a lot of hair elastics and pins, this style is stunning on very long locks.

Source#19: Twisted LayersA new take on wedding guest hairstyles, this coif involves rows of twists cascading down into a low half pony.

Source#20: Ethnic BeautyThese gorgeous ethnic locks are professionally styled, which is perfectly appropriate for a wedding guest. Get fancied up at the salon and ask for solid pin curls to get this look.

Instagram/ @charishairWedding guest hairstyles don’t have to be simple or dowdy. There’s nothing wrong with getting a bit fancy and enjoying the day, even if you’re there to celebrate someone else’s happiness.
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