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What goes around comes around! This kitchen remodel tale from reader Judi Carroll proves it to be true.

A white stove

Our home was built in 1952. When we purchased it in 1976, the kitchen came with a white stove; white walls, flooring and cabinets; and pink and black tiles. Needless to say, I found the combination quite dated.

After four years, we remodeled, adding harvest gold appliances—including a double-oven range from Montgomery Ward and a trash compactor. And we replaced the original white sink with a harvest gold one. To match the gold, we chose a tan tile countertop, stained-wood cabinets, and a no-wax linoleum floor that looked like brown tile.  And I still remember how excited I was to get rid of all the white.

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Fast forward, and we have remodeled once again. This time, I was excited to get rid of all the harvest gold. We put a stainless steel panel on the front of the compactor and replaced the dishwasher, range and refrigerator with stainless steel models. And I have to admit I was more excited to get rid of the harvest gold stove than I had been about the old white one. The sides were faded and I couldn’t get it clean. But to be fair, that stove worked pretty well for 36 years. And they just don’t make them the way they used to.

Years after the first remodel, I got to thinking about the old white stove that had come with the house. It was pretty neat, with a griddle in the center of the burners and a separate side oven with a rotisserie. And my new stove has a griddle, too. As they say, what goes around comes around.  

— Judi Carroll, Escondido, CA

This story originally appeared in Reminisce

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