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China records 1st wheelchair curling victory at Beijing 2022

China beat Estonia 9-3 for its first victory from the wheelchair curling competitions at the 2022 Beijing Paralympic Winter Games on Sunday.

Four years ago, China upset Norway to win the wheelchair curling gold medal at PyeongChang 2018 for its first ever Winter Paralympic medal.

After losing its opening two games, China eventually triumphed on its home ice in the third round-robin game at Beijing 2022.

Wang Haitao, the 32-year-old skip, said that "we don't think about defending the title. Everything is in the past. You've got to put that down and start again."

As there's no sweeping in wheelchair curling, the final position of a stone is decided by the moment when it was released from the hog line. In that case, except the whisper between athletes and coaches, the sound of sliding and colliding of stones are the only background music for wheelchair curling.

However, China's wheelchair curling team is an exception.

"Hard! Hurry! Go!!" Wang roared for the whole game as if the voice can give a hand to the stone. "I know there's no need to do that but we do feel more excited when we're shouting."

Coach Yue Qingshuang said that "I want them to show their determination by roaring. I'm satisfied with today's performance, they have thrown their burden away."

"I do believe in the power of atmosphere. When roaring, team members will be encouraged by each other," Yue explained.

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