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Meet The British Fluffs: Mister Charlie, Queen Bobby, & Terror Teddy

In Gouda, South Holland, there lives a trio of adorable British Shorthair cats. And while they’re purrfectly photogenic, they’re funny, cheeky, and oh-so-clingy, too. British Shorthair cats are fluffy felines that can remind us of teddy bears, and for the British Fluffs, they’re unique appearance and adorable photos are cat-lover kryptonite!

I caught up with their owner hoping to feature them on the website, and thankfully she agreed. So, everyone meet the British Fluffs, three of the cutest British Shorthair cats you’ve ever laid your eyes on.

How did Mister Charlie, Queen Bobby, and Terror Teddy get their names" />

What are each of their personalities like" />What are their favorite hobbies" />Instagram.What’s something special you’d like people to know about the British Fluffs?

The British Fluffs are really fluffy, cute and beautiful. They are unique each and so special together. Like I said before, there are not much white British Shorthairs with blue eyes and you also don’t see much brown (chocolate) British shorthairs. Follow us for a daily dose of fluff!

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Lisa Miltenburg, the proud owner of the British Fluffs, for allowing me to share her cats’ story and cute photos with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. Hopefully this trio of cuties brightened your day. If you know another cat lover who would appreciate them, don’t forget to share.

Can’t get enough of British Shorthair cats" />

All Images Courtesy of british_fluffs on Instagram

by Modi Ramos

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